Dallas Guide to Vintage Rock T's & more.

One of my favorite items to shop for when I thrift is a vintage rock tee (which also happens to be one of the hardest items to find). I'm always on the lookout for anything Harley Davidson (call me basic) or a true rock tee from a well known band from back in the day.

Not long ago I stopped by Lula B's Thrift Shop in Dallas and quite LITERALLY hit the jackpot. I found this amazing Harley shirt for $17 pictured below and purchased another vintage Harley shirt for a friend for just $12. I also snagged up a couple of other vintage rock tee's all under $20. It may seems like a lot for a thrifted item, but for these rare pieces you can't beat that! If you're in Dallas looking for a vintage tee, Lula B's is where you need to go!


To get this look for this Top, I cut the sleeves off, and cut a v out. Check out this YouTube Tutorial to see how I got this look and to style any tops you might have similarly as well.


Even though it's still 95° in TX, I own 28 jackets, (I'm pretending that one day I will need them all) So you know I gotta rock one when I can. 

I purchased this vintage oversized black jean jacket at a mom & pop thrift store off Jefferson in Bishop Arts Area. (Right across the street and near Cultivar Coffee). Now this entire strip is lined with a variety of shops, but majority of the owners only speak Spanish. So come prepared or bring some google translate. This jacket was LITERALLY $2.50 y'all. I can't make that up. These shops in that areas also have some of the best finds at ridiculous prices, so take a latino friend and shop, shop, shop.


Every Thrift Shop I got to, I make it a point to check out the jewelry section. I look for different pins and I've collected all the pins and patches on my jacket below from a variety of thrift shops and gifts from friends. 90% of the time you will find some great pins at a really cheap price, I'm talking .50 - $2 max per pin. Keep an extra eye out during holidays; thrift stores usually bring our special pins during holiday seasons. 


To Style this look, I paired this Vintage Harley Tee and Jacket with my BDG Urban Outfitter boyfriend Jeans. I wanted to balance out all the grunge in this look, so I added some femininity with my Steve Madden Black heels. I found these I am wearing at Ross for just $25!

Let yo girl know what you find at these shops and how you style your looks!

Photos by my sweet angel Alyssa Rhodes

Monica Zuniga