Dream On

For the past couple of years, I've really begun to ask myself hard questions. Questions like, do you really want to work in this job for the rest of your life? What career do you see yourself waking up excited for every single day? And if you had the ability, what would you pursue right now? I found myself discontent with a lot in my life but not really sure how to get out of it. 

Right around this time in my life, i was invited to a FREE conference hosted by Terri Savelle Foy. I had no idea who she was, but I figured, hey it's free, i'll go check it out. This woman was something else. She talked all about how to make your dreams a reality and it actually made sense to me. I went home that night and began to really put some of the things I learned to paper just to see what would happen. Fast forward to right now, a year later, and my life feels more like that dream life I used to fantasize about. As I've begun to grow and see change, I realized that many of the principles I daily have lived out, came from tips and tricks I learned from Terri. This year she came out with her latest book, Dream It, Pin it, Live it. It's all on the power of making vision boards work for you. 

Now I had never made a vision board until reading this book, in fact, I got the book as a gift and decided to really put to practice some of the things Terri talks about. (After all they had worked before) But before I go any further, I want you to know that Terri is not like most speakers. I have introduced countless numbers of friends and family to her because she is one of the most authentic chicks I know. Her advice, resources, and tools she gives are not far fetched either. The best way I can describe her is like this.

We all dream of who we want to be one day, the business we want to own, the life we want to live, etc. And we hear from so many people who have already made it. They are super successful and talking to us about how they did it, with these '5 easy steps.' Terri is not like that. She meets you in the middle of your journey. The part that is hard, that takes discipline. The area of your dream that no one sees, thats where she goes. And this book, offers such good insight on how to use your time in the middle of your journey to eventually reach the other side of success. 

Honestly, I've never written a blog quite like this, but I am so passionate about seeing people accomplish their dreams, that I wanted to take the time to help each of you do the same. So if you're thinking about getting this book, but need a little motivation, here's a brief summary for you to get an idea of what you're getting when you buy this book. 

In her book, (which you can buy here) Terri list out, step by step, how to first identify what your dreams are and why you have been given them. It's such a fun practice to dream again because you're challenged to come up with over 100 dreams you have for your life. (and you really need to do it!) Then she helps you narrow them down to the top 10 you need to focus on, and from there, walks you through how to create a vision board. What I love about Terri is that she keeps it real, making a vision board doesn't mean that you'll immediately accomplish dreams, it takes more than that, like the daily stuff in the middle I just talked about. So the next part of the book, which talks in depth about what steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality, is so valuable. Terri challenges you to pick up daily disciplines, choose your friends wisely, and offers countless other practical tips to help you. All throughout the book, Terri tells story after story of successful people to keep you motivated and excited (and these stories are super relatable to you and me). Honestly what I love most about this book and all of Terri's teaching is that she truly challenges you to have FULL FAITH in Christ. She inspires you to have hope again, and conviction that what you can't see right now is real and there for you in the future. And through implementing these practical tips, you will begin to gain so much more than just a vision for your future. You gain the ability to trust and believe that the impossible is possible with our God. 

Because after all, that's where He starts. Love you guys, now go make those dreams come true! 

xoxo- MonicAmanda

visit terri.com for more inspiration and resources to make your dreams a reality. 


Monica Zuniga