Okay, Okay, I know you've all be wondering. "Where does Monica thrift?" and "How does this girl have so much free time to thrift?" even more importantly, "What does Monica even do for a living?" Now, calm down, this is NOT a tell-all but I will share with you some of my favorite Thrift finds, and regular places I shop. So without further adieu, I'll let you in on some of my inspiration, secrets, and favorite places to thrift. Let's do this!

BEFORE YOU THRIFT | Know what you're looking for fam. 

These places I am recommending are fairly organized and easy to navigate. If you know/have an idea of what you want, you'll have a much easier time finding what you need and getting in and out. Otherwise you might find yourself lost in narnia with way too many items in your basket that you don't actually need. A little known fact about me is that I seriously hate the mall and I don't like shopping very much, so having a plan even while thrifting is a must. Here are some tricks I use when looking in order to keep my style fresh and relevant. The goal for me is to look like I spent way more on my items then I actually did. 

  1. I visit my favorite stores via their apps/ online look-books/ and magazines. 
  2. I take screen-shots and pictures of clothing items that inspire me. 
  3. I do work fam! 

MY ALWAYS FINDS | These are items I always look for even if I don't "need" them. 

There are always a few staple items and things that I check out at every thrift I visit. In my mind a lady can never have too much of one thing. Especially when it comes to shoes, a girl can never have too many shoes. =] 

  1. Denim Jackets- some may say I have too much denim but yo girl can never have too much and denim never goes out of style. 
  2. Jewelry/ Pins- there is always GOLD in these sections and some of my fav hoop earrings and chokers have been found at the thrift.
  3. Shoes!!! - Lord knows I have a shoe problem and they don't always have the best quality when it comes to shoes at the thrift, but SOMETIMES you come across a pair of brand new boots with the tag on em for $5.99 in your size. So look girl!


DALLAS | SALVATION ARMY | 4810 Village Fair Dr, Dallas, TX 75224

This place is organized AF and I love them for that. I mean it's COLOR-CODED fam. Which makes it so easy when you're looking for a specific item. They have great shoes and jewelry items especially which I have mad respect for. I know they have certain days of the week that are deal days, I believe it's on Thursday's but not don't quote me. I'm also very cheap fam, and Salvation Army's are kind-of pricey. I've noticed their prices are usually higher than other places but this location is still one of my fav's. 

MCKINNEY | PLAZA THRIFT | 135 S Central Expy, McKinney, TX 75070

I LOVE THIS PLACE. I know what you're thinking, "where is McKinney?" Good question, it's a little far fam, but it's worth it. TRUST ME. The prices are amazing. Like I haven't spent over $4 on a single item there. Ever. That's love fam. It's well organized, but ALWAYS BUSY, so don't be shocked when you come in and there's a long line for checkout. I have found things like the cream high waisted skirt pictured below and a couple of silk dresses that are so pretty (tears).

FORT WORTH | MCCART THRIFT | 5203 McCart Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76115

THIS PLACE IS GOLD. I mean real life gold. I have found some of my favorite items and shoes of all time here. Like the black fitted top below with that amazing neck-line, AS WELL as that amazing denim jacket pictured below for only $4. LOOK AT GOD! I distressed that bad boy myself and there are tons of DIY videos on youtube to help. Overall though at this thrift, prices are kind of high, but they have a wide selection and quality wise things are great. Everything is color-coded as well, but it is really big and kindof overwhelming so I don't go in there to browse you know? I usually go in with a plan or else I'll feel overwhelmed. 

LEWISVILLE | GOODWILLE | 919 W Main St, Lewisville, TX 75067

LEWISVILLE | THRIFT CITY |  1565 W Main St # 100, Lewisville, TX 75067

LEWISVILLE | THRIFT WORLD | 1358 W Main St, Lewisville, TX 75067

These three thrift shops are all within a 3 mile radius from one another and are super great. They aren't the best organization wize and aren't super big but I always find some great things. Like the all denim look below, high waisted mom jeans, cream top and pink sweater top. All items are reasonably priced with tons of sales regularly. I go to these three locations probably the most frequently because they are the closest to mi casa. But you've got to come prepared fam because you might blow your budget at the first location and you don't want to do that! 

HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAV FINDS, Hope these thrifted outfits inspire your new obsession! - xx