"Prepare your minds for action, and be sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." Sober-Minded. What does that even mean? I have read this scripture before along with a handful of others in the Bible that talk about having a sober mind, but I never truly understood what it meant. 

Have you ever been addicted to something? So much so that it ruled your life and you had to seek help to end it? Something you were in bondage to but didn't even see it?  I have.

I recently made a personal decision to not drink alcohol anymore. It definitely wasn't consuming my every second, but I couldn't remember a time where I didn't drink anymore. I used to drink some form of alcohol almost daily with dinner or socially out with friends. Through prayer and fasting the Holy Spirit prompted me strongly to give it up. At first I was confused, I have zero problems with alcohol and in fact quite enjoyed it. But, I couldn't deny what I heard from the Lord and have since chosen to be sober. It has been almost 3 months since choosing to do so, and I can now look back and see the hold it had on my life. 

I see the world completely differently when I don't have a drink in hand to calm my nerves or make me feel more comfortable about myself. I realized quickly how insecure I have been and how alcohol was a means to hide that.  What I wasn't expecting in my sobriety with alcohol is that it would open my eyes to all alreas of my life that I have unhealthy habits in. Just as I have the opportunity to drink a beer when no one is looking, I too have the option to let my mind wander into destructive ways of thinking. I choose to think I will always be misunderstood. I choose to think that I'm not pretty enough. I choose to think that I don't belong. In both scenarios I have the choice. I choose to open that door again, or stand firm and trust that God will truly meet all of my needs. 

You may think sobriety with alcohol would be really hard for me. And I was actually surprised at how easy it has been. But what people and I personally neglect completely is sobriety with the mind. This decision is much harder because your friends can't tell you to stop picking up a horrible thought like they would to stop you from picking up a beer. 

I believe being sober minded is the same as an addict choosing to be sober. If an alcoholic chooses sobriety and slips, they will likely fall back into the old pattern and destructive cycle they fought so hard to get out of. In the same way, the battle in our minds is a choice to be sober. We must be sober-minded. Refusing to pick up the thoughts that once held us captive because the moment we do, it becomes easier to fall back into those old thought patterns. 

So today, I wanted to mostly remind myself and you that we can do it. We can choose to be sober minded and let go of our fears we don't have to pick them up and go back. The most important person who ever existed did not reject you and me, but instead he accepted us whole heartedly and took our place. When you're tempted to go back to whatever it is, don't do it. Stand firm knowing you're seen and never alone. 💗💕💞