These three words. I find myself speaking them over myself more and more. I find myself actually believing them as well. As I spent today writing and documenting one of the hardest seasons of my life, these words fell over me in a whole new way. There was a time in my adult life where my innocence was taken from me, and that day, so was my identity. I find myself trying to articulate how I finally was able to believe these words again. It's almost impossible to describe how I finally was able to stoop blaming myself and receive the sacrifice of Jesus' death in a whole new way. If I'm honest I can't pin point it to one specific thing that happened. There are so many things, so many moments, so many people, so many prayers that no doubt were lifted up by more than just me.

It's so much more than the confidence I now have to wear no makeup in public or the same outfit two weeks in a row. Its the confidence in who I am that I've gained back. It's this feeling of being fearless. Not the kind of fearless Taylor Swift sings about, but the kind that says, I don't have to hide anymore. I don't have to run to other things to validate me. I don't have to numb the pain or the memories of what happened. I can actually live again. I can dream again. I can believe again.


(Dearly loved: darling, dear, dearest, precious, adored, much loved, cherished, treasured, prized, highly regarded, admired, esteemed, sweetheart.)


Wherever you are, whatever you've been through. Whatever has happened to you. Whatever you've done. He sees, and still calls you His Beloved. There's no need to hide, there's no need to run, there's no need to fear. Love has made a way for you, love has forgiven you. You just have to receive.

And my dearest friend, I pray that you do.