"Monica you talk to too much.""Monica you need to not be so loud" "Monica you aren't capable of that as a woman" "Monica men like women who aren't so driven and accomplished." "Monica you'll never be worthy to be with a man like my son" "Monica you're only where you are because of a man."

"Monica you're just too much."

Why is that I can remember the time, place, and person who told me these words? Honestly I can't begin to count how many times I've been told I talk to much or that I'm simply too much.

Yet in those moments when I feel that those hurtful words are true, as I feel the pain from the wounds of a hurtful word, I remember these words of a friend.

"You're calling isn't what you do. It's who you are. And the only way to find out who you are is to go to the only one who can tell you who you are."

Monica- I made  you. You never talk too much to me. You can never be so loud for others to hear what I've told you. You are capable of more than you know through me. The drive and desire to accomplish the imppossible comes from me. You're worthy of my Son and he's the only one that matters. You are where you are and are going where you cannot see because of the Son of man.

What have you been believing about yourself? What has kept you from doing that one thing you feel is impossible? Ask God to tell you who you are. Ask Him what He thinks about you. Ask him what he wants from you.

Replace the lies with the truth and allow Him to speak your identity to you.

Then watch what happens, your voice is meant to be heard, your goals meant to accomplish, and chains meant to be broken. Freedom is awaiting you, go get it.