My Fitness Secrets

I know you all have been wondering... How the heck does Monica stay so fit? Well my babies time to unlock my secrets for you all of you. I was trying to hold back on how I manage to maintain this bod of mine, but today I was motivated. (not to work out but tell you my secrets)

There was a time in my life where working out was my life...I ran and ran and ran until I eventually was apart of a winning team.


And then even after that I still was into the whole running thing pretty hard core for a while in college.


Then I realized that running wasn't everything and I began to eat like a fat child. Simply because I could. I realized that I was loosing my teenage figure and knew I had to do something. But not too much because it was time for me to become a woman.

So I decided to take on something still active, yet not involving running. I began to rock climb. This worked out for a while until I got in trouble for not using the rope and breaking stupid rules at the climbing place...and because lets face it I think it's stupid to pay to exercise people! BUT I was pretty damn good.


So since that failed I decided to try out some ultimate frisbee, I mean how hard can it be right? I joined a team and they wanted to make up all these rules on how to win and stuff. I mean it's not rocket science right? You just gotta throw and catch til you get to the end zone. I thought I was doing pretty good until they kicked me off the team. I mean you win some and loose some...


I realized that this was starting to become pathetic, mainly because I kept getting kicked out of things. So decided to pick up something that wouldn't get me in trouble. Racing children. I have been picking elementary schools and on recess challenging the kids to a duel. I was doing really good until the kids really started to gang up on me and it was getting pretty hard to race these kids when I was getting kicked out every elementary school in the DFW because parents began to catch on. Image

So now I limit my working out to once a month in the fitness center and stuffing my face with Babes Chicken at minimum 2 times a week. So far it's been working I'm 7 pounds lighter since the last time I worked out. So now it's time for you to take on one of above exercise routines and go to Babes a bit more you guys.